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TV Bingo tickets (90 number version) have three bingo combinations and are similar to the tickets used in most bingo halls.
In each combination, there are 15 numbers between 1 and 90. The combinations are independent in the game.

In the TV Bingo game, as in the standard Bingo game, all combinations printed on the tickets are different in order to have only one first prize (bingo winner). Pennan can generate over 200 million different tickets (600 million different combinations) or even more on special request.

Each ticket has a Series, Ticket and Control number.

If TV Bingo is organized as an off-line game, Pennan can provide the organizer with the tickets printed in ascending order and packed in special boxes. TV Bingo can also be organized as an on-line game, where Pennan will assist in creating a format of preprinted ticket. It is also possible to print tickets directly on on-line terminals using the database of the tickets supplied to the organizer.