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How To Play

TV Bingo is played in the same way as standard Bingo but with millions of players in the game.

During the live TV show, players follow the drawing. After each number drawn, players check their tickets and mark off each number drawn that they have on their ticket. At the same time, after each number is called, the computer system checks all tickets in the game for the first prize “Bingo”. The drawing proceeds until the first prize Bingo is found on one of the tickets in the game.

The TV Bingo system can search more than 70 millions tickets in one drawing, thus making it possible to organize a real, national, live bingo game!

First prize BINGO – 15 numbers
The player is the Bingo winner if he first has all 15 numbers drawn within one of the combinations by the end of the Bingo draw. In every round, there is always a Bingo winner.



Other TV Bingo prizes
In a successful lottery game, there must be many other prize categories. TV Bingo has many smaller prize categories, Jackpot prize and other additional prizes from auxiliary games.

Second prize – 14 numbers
The player who has14 numbers drawn in one of the combinations by the end of the Bingo drawing wins second prize.




Third prize – 13 numbers
The player who has 13 numbers drawn in one of the combinations by the end of the Bingo draw wins third prize.



Jack Pot
The Jack Pot prize has been introduced to make the game more exciting for the players.

Jack Pot – is the additional prize added to the value of the Bingo prize, when Bingo is hit on or before a specified number of numbers have been drawn.

Consolation prizes

Off-Line TV Bingo
In this version, the drawing of consolation prizes is based on the drawing of the two last digits of the ticket number.



On-Line TV Bingo
In an on-line TV Bingo game, the consolation prize is drawn from the main bingo draw. A player wins the consolation prize if he/she has 5 numbers marked after the first 13 numbers have been drawn in one of the combinations on the ticket.



Additional draws
Additional prizes are based on the serial and ticket number that can be drawn by using the computer or by using a special lottery drum. The computer can randomly draw the whole serial and ticket number, or 3,4, or 5 last digits of the ticket number. By using the drum with 10 balls marked with numbers from 0 to 9, it is possible to draw the whole serial and tickets number, or the 3, 4 or 5 last digits of the ticket number.