Pennan Consulting AB is now acquered by M-Vision d.o.o






Pennan Consulting AB started its first TV Bingo show in Russia on Saturday the 16th of September, 2000.

Company MEDIALOT is the game organizer and the Ministry MCHS is the license holder. TV Bingo in Russia is a weekly game with a live drawing on Saturday at 19.00 on the national TV channel RTR.


TV Bingo operation started in Kazakhstan on 28th of November 1999. Pennan signed a five year agreement with the National Lottery of Kazakhstan to provide a 90 number version of TV Bingo. Exceeding all expectations, and, after only three months, the game achieved great success and sales of more than one million tickets per draw!


The first TV Bingo draw in Macedonia (FYROM) was held on 16th of November 1996. The agreement was signed with the National Lottery of Macedonia.

The game is organized weekly and is broadcast live on national channel MRT.


TV Bingo in Yugoslavia started on 8th of June 1996. The game is a 90 number version of bingo and is organized completely off-line. Before the game was launched, there was a tradition in playing Tombola (90 number bingo game) in clubs and halls.

The drawing is held live during the 90 minutes TV show which is broadcasted every Saturday at 21.00 on national television RTS.