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Bingo Draw

TV Bingo transfers the excitement and the interactive nature of the standard bingo game into a new kind of lottery game. As in the ordinary bingo game, all players are involved from start to finish with an equal chance to win the first prize.

The TV Bingo game is very simple to play. It is played the same way as the standard bingo game in bingo halls. The players follow the drawing of the numbers in their homes during the TV show. The draw lasts until the first prize ‘Bingo’ is found.




A computer system and the TV Bingo software monitor the Bingo draw. After each drawn number, the TV Bingo software displays an appropriate table with the numbers drawn so far. It then searches through the database of tickets in the game, and reports the number of tickets closest to the first prize Bingo.




At the moment Bingo is found, the TV Bingo software stops the drawing and generates an appropriate animation with sound effects.

All the winning reports, the display of the first prize ticket, and the display of the sales point where the Bingo ticket was sold are available immediately after the draw is finished.






Winning (Bingo) ticket is instantly displayed.

The town where the winning ticket has been bought.

Bingo ticket sales point.

Report - Number of first and other prizes from the Bingo drawing.

Report - Prize amounts of Bingo and other prizes from the Bingo drawing.