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Additional Draws

To make the game dynamic and interesting for the players, additional draws are introduced. The TV Bingo lottery is a new and exciting way of adding lottery elements to the show. Each ticket has its own individual number (Ticket No.) which can be used in the drawing for additional prizes.


In TV Bingo lottery, the whole Ticket Number, or just a part of it (last 3, 4 or 5 digits) can be drawn.

The numbers are drawn using a special lottery drum with the computer system displaying the results immediately. The lottery drum contains 10 balls numbered from 0 to 9, and the numbers are drawn digit by digit from right to left until the winning ticket is found. After each number is drawn, the computer searches through the ticket database and reports how many tickets still remain in the game. Unlike the traditional lottery games, the winning ticket in the TV-Bingo game is always found. The number of tickets in the game of the current draw is reduced with each number drawn. Finally, one or more balls is drawn to decide which of the last few tickets will be the winner.


The TV Bingo software can randomly select winning tickets and provide full animation and background pictures for these drawings. The whole ticket number or just a part of it (the last 3, 4 or 5 digits) can be drawn. In the case when prizes are drawn by using a computer, the drawing is done more quickly. These quick drawings are spread throughout the whole show, producing the impression of a rich and interesting game to the players.