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75 Number Tv Bingo Tickets


After producing a number of variants with different ticket layouts and game rules, Pennan developed a new, improved version of the 75 number TV Bingo for operating the game on television. The main advantage of the new Pennan 75 number ticket is that 21 numbers, at an average, are drawn to get the Bingo! TV Bingo ticket has three cards (for three independent draws). Each card consists of three combinations. The combinations on the card are unique – they are never repeated. The ticket has a series, ticket and control number as well as a bar-code. Pennan can generate over 200 million unique tickets.




The 75 number Bingo ticket TYPE 2 has 3 combinations. Each combination contain 5 Jokers (5 free spaces). Pennan can generate up to 200 million different tickets (600 million unique combinations).


The main goal of designing Type 2 was to shorten the Bingo draw – 21 numbers are drawn at an average to find the first prize Bingo. The drawing remains live and dynamic with a high probability to have only one first prize (Bingo) winner.








This type of ticket is mostly used in bingo halls in the USA and Canada. Pennan’s TV Bingo 75 game, based on this ticket (TYPE 3), transfers the game from a Bingo hall to TV, preserving all the standard features of the game. A player who first marks off all numbers in a combination (full house) wins the first prize (Bingo). 46 numbers are needed, at an average, to get the first prize – Bingo and finish the drawing.



This type of ticket has 3 combinations with one Joker (one free space) in the middle of the combination. Pennan developed a special algorithm to generate over 200 million different tickets (600 unique combinations).